CIELLULU stands for

Inspired by the founder's fascination with the cosmos.

CIELLULU symbolizes Pearls in the Sky inspired by the founder's fascination with the cosmos.

This brand intertwines celestial beauty with fashion, creating poetic and storied garments and accessories that evoke tranquility and dreams.

Our Slogan

"One Life, One Thing—We Only Make Artwork" has been the driving force behind our unwavering belief for over a decade. CIELLULU is not just a company; it is a mission, a vision, and a commitment.

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At CIELLULU, we have always adhered to the concept of "Safety and Effectiveness, Profession and Innovation, Quality and Service Oriented". We integrate Research and Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Training in the field of medical aesthetic equipment. Our commitment is to provide customers with excellent products and various high-quality services.  As a leading beauty equipment company in the industry, we serve a wide range of customers worldwide. 

High-Quality Standards

• CIELLULU strictly adheres to excellent quality standards, ensuring the reliability and durability of our products to meet the high expectations of users.
• Technological Innovation: We continually innovate in technology to ensure our products perform at optimal levels, providing users with an exceptional experience.

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Cutting-edge Design

• Leading Design Philosophy: CIELLULU is grounded in cutting-edge design principles, ensuring that our products consistently maintain a technological edge.
• Exquisite Aesthetic Design: We prioritize the aesthetic appeal of our products, employing outstanding design to make them visually striking.

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Thoughtful Pricing

• We formulate a thoughtful pricing strategy, making high-quality technology more accessible and allowing a broader consumer base to easily acquire top-tier products.
• Diverse Choices: Through differentiated pricing, we cater to the needs of different consumers, making CIELLULU products more approachable.


Exceeding Expectations

• CIELLULU participates in exhibitions every year covering the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. We are committed to surpassing market expectations and creating greater value for customers, not only in the inherent value of the product but also in the enhanced user experience.
• Deeper Emotional Connection: Choosing CIELLULU signifies opting for higher standards, superior effects, and a deeper emotional connection, providing users with a more enriching brand experience.

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Brand Vision

Becoming a leading enterprise in China's medical aesthetic equipment industry

CIELLULU's vision is to establish itself as an outstanding benchmark in the Chinese medical aesthetic equipment industry. Through continuous innovation and exceptional product quality, we aspire to lead the industry. We aim to be at the forefront of medical aesthetic technology, providing outstanding solutions that meet the ever-evolving demands of customers for efficient, safe, and innovative medical aesthetic equipment.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for our customers by collaborating with industry professionals to drive innovation in technology and service, meet market demands, and surpass customer expectations. Our vision is to build a sustainable enterprise, providing a conducive work environment for employees, motivating them to continually pursue excellence, and achieving mutual development for both the company and its employees.

Through a strategic global presence, we strive to occupy a significant position in the international market, becoming a leading brand in the global medical aesthetic equipment field. We will actively engage in global collaboration, sharing technological innovations and industry best practices, providing more advanced, secure, and reliable medical aesthetic solutions for customers worldwide, contributing our efforts to beauty and health.



Brand Values

In our brand, these core values serve as our solid foundation, motivating us to strive for excellence, provide the best service to our customers, and create a better future. This is what we believe in and the core values we work towards.

An Indomitably & Loyal Heart
An unwavering and devoted heart is one of the core values of our brand. We firmly believe in the virtues of patriotism, love for family, dedication to our work, and unwavering loyalty to our company. We are born to serve our customers, and we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to achieving our shared demands and goals.
Pre-sales Consultation
A Diligent & Learning Heart
Professional Consultation Team: We have a highly professional team capable of providing comprehensive and in-depth consultation services regarding medical aesthetic equipment.
A diligent and studious heart runs through our culture. We believe that continuous learning and constant improvement of both our thoughts and skills are key to success. We encourage our employees to pursue knowledge relentlessly, continuously innovate, and adapt to the rapidly changing world.Instant Response: We provide multiple channels for instant communication, including online chat and phone consultations, meeting clients' timely needs during the equipment selection process.
Clinical Demonstrations
A Meticulous & Thoughtful Heart
We pay attention to detail and approach our work with meticulous care. A meticulous mindset is the foundation of delivering excellent products and service. We believe that details are the building blocks of outstanding quality, and we leave no stone unturned, no matter how small it may be.
Free Training
A Humble & Compatible Heart
We have a broad and inclusive mindset, welcoming diverse thoughts and perspectives. We view diversity as the wellspring of creativity. We encourage open discussions and collaborations, allowing us to draw from a wealth of experience and wisdom from different fields, and constantly improve and innovate to better serve our customers.
After-sales Support
An Ambitious & Enterprising Heart
Most importantly, we possess the heart to achieve greatness. We firmly believe that work is not just a means of livelihood but a path to excellence and the realization of great endeavors. We work tirelessly, continuously challenging ourselves, to provide the best solutions to our customers and fulfill our dreams.



Brand Journey

We have more than 150 employees, including over 40 skilled workers, over 40 R&D experts, over 10 designers, over 10 QC professionals, and over 50 sales and after-sales service teams. We have an annual production capacity of 5,000 pieces of equipment.


◉ In 2022, the CIELLULU high-end brand will be established to provide higher-end vision, higher-quality products, and better services.

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◉ In 2021, production line upgrade

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◉ In 2020, Guangzhou CIELLULU Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established

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◉ In 2018, the component development brand ECOB was founded (dedicated to the development of high-end components)
In 2018, the R&D and production base in China was officially opened (to provide customers with better and more timely customer service and after-sales service)

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◉ In 2017, CIELLULU, a brand of home-use beauty equipment and medical aesthetic repair, was established (dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of various small household beauty instruments)

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◉ In 2016, the Asia Pacific Experience Center was established (committed to growing into a professional optical beauty one-stop service solution provider)

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◉ In 2010, RUIKD China was officially established as the central hub of RUIKD China's sales and services.

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◉ In 2004, the Korean head office was established in Seoul, South Korea (one of the earliest companies in South Korea to invest in the optical medical aesthetic industry, with a number of independent intellectual property rights)

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Founder's Message


We Only

Make Artwork


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Continuous improvement - As our business continues to grow, we are more committed than ever to improving our products and our services, responding to the higher requirement for quality, innovation, and environment protection. 

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