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The Vietnamese Agent

The entire service process spanned one and a half months, from initial contact to on-site support. Throughout this period, we maintained a close collaborative relationship with the agent. We not only provided professional support and training but also established a deeper level of trust and collaboration, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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Vietnamese Agent


Initial Contact

Strong interest in Collaboration

The Vietnamese agent of CIELLULU expressed a strong interest in collaboration through email.

They conveyed interest in CIELLULU products and sought guidance on how to promote and sell them in the local market.

Agents Strong interest in Collaboration
Cases-The Vietnam Agent


Online Meeting

Proactive Engagement and Communication

We promptly responded to the agent's inquiry and scheduled a series of online meetings. During these meetings, we delved into the agent's business background, market conditions, and their expectations for CIELLULU products.


Through proactive dialogue, we established a solid foundation for collaboration and gained crucial insights into the Vietnamese market.


Local Market Implementation

Planning and Preparation of Materials

Based on in-depth conversations with the agent, we formulated a customized market promotion strategy and provided them with relevant promotional materials and explanatory documents.


These materials were designed to help us better understand the products’ features, advantages, and local market implementation of CIELLULU products.

Agents meeting K2 K3 display
Customers on-site product experience


Hands-on Demonstration Salon

On-site Support

To further assist the agent, we decided to visit Vietnam and arrived at their office in Hanoi. We participated in a professional product presentation organized locally, explaining in detail the application areas, technical advantages, and market prospects of CIELLULU products.


Additionally, we conducted a hands-on demonstration salon, showcasing the product's usage in real-time, enabling the agent to effectively demonstrate the product's effects and usage to their clients.

Through this case study, we successfully showcased CIELLULU's professionalism as a partner and our ability to address customer needs.

Simultaneously, we offered comprehensive support for the Vietnamese agent's promotional efforts in the local market.

This case is designed to highlight our end-to-end attention and professional support in customer service.

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