We understand customers' needs and work closely with them to deliver products catering to their expectations. Since 2004.

We have worked with 10,000 companies and still maintain good relationships with them. 

We truly love what we do and that reflects in the lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers. We have cooperated with 3000+ companies from more than 100 countries.


Customer Case

The Malaysian Distributor of MULA K2


A medical aesthetic equipment distributor in Malaysia (hereafter referred to as the distributor) purchased the MULA K2 series of medical aesthetic equipment to provide advanced skin treatment solutions to its clients. During the use of the equipment, the distributor encountered some technical issues that required factory repairs and training support.

1. Issue Reporting and Communication
2. Arrangement for Factory Repair
3. Equipment Testing and Repair
4. Training Services
5. On-site Support and Issue Resolution
6. Follow-up After-sales Service
7. Results and Feedback
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Joining Case

The Vietnamese Agent


The entire service process spanned one and a half months, from initial contact to on-site support. Throughout this period, we maintained a close collaborative relationship with the agent. We not only provided professional support and training but also established a deeper level of trust and collaboration, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

◉ Initial Contact
◉ Proactive Engagement and Communication
◉ Planning and Preparation of Materials
◉ On-site Support
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How We

Make a Difference

As a customer-oriented company, we are committed to meet customers' needs and bring values to them through high-quality products and excellent service. "Sincere cooperation, mutual benefit" is our company's development principles.


A one-time deal is not what we want, we strive to build a long-term relationship through the one cooperation.


Thus, we always do our best to deliver the best to customers.

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Our products are exported to more than 100 countries.


Our products are exported to more than 100 countries.


Our products are exported to more than 100 countries.

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