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Experience a seamless and innovative approach to medical aesthetic solutions with our professional team and cutting-edge technology.


Service Advantage

In the rapidly evolving medical aesthetic equipment industry, integrate research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and training to deliver exceptional services to meet the growing demands for beauty solutions.

Brand Excellence
Brand Excellence
We are an experienced medical aesthetic equipment company with a strong brand foundation. Renowned for innovation, quality, and reputation, we provide reliable equipment to our customers in the market.
Pre-sales Consultation
Pre-sales Consultation
Professional Consultation Team: We have a highly professional team capable of providing comprehensive and in-depth consultation services regarding medical aesthetic equipment.
Customized Solutions: By thoroughly understanding the client's needs, we offer personalized solutions, ensuring selected equipment aligns with unique business requirements.
Instant Response: We provide multiple channels for instant communication, including online chat and phone consultations, meeting clients' timely needs during the equipment selection process.
Clinical Demonstrations
Clinical Demonstrations
Real-world Effect Demonstration: We offer comprehensive clinical demonstrations showcasing the actual performance of the equipment in practical applications, aiding clients in a thorough understanding of product capabilities and potential advantages. Professional Medical Support: Collaborating with a team of experienced doctors, we ensure professional medical support during the demonstration process, addressing any specialized queries clients may have.
Free Training
Free Training
24/7 Technical Support: We provide round-the-clock technical support to ensure clients can access professional assistance whenever needed during equipment usage. Regular Training Programs: Implementation of free training programs ensures that the client's medical staff can proficiently operate and maintain the equipment.
After-sales Support
After-sales Support
Prompt Issue Resolution: We've established an efficient after-sales service team capable of responding promptly to client issues, offering rapid solutions to minimize disruptions to business operations. Warranty and Maintenance Plans: Flexible warranty and maintenance plans are provided to ensure the long-term stability of equipment operation, maximizing its lifespan.
Global Reach
Global Service Network
Our services extend beyond local markets, encompassing a global service network that extends to over 100 countries and regions. This ensures that our excellent medical aesthetic equipment services reach a diverse global audience.


Service Procedure

Our cooperation is built on mutual understanding, mutual respect, and close communication. Customers will be involved in the whole designing and manufacturing process. We aim at mutual benefit through the cooperation and achieving long-term partnership.

Our sales team and technician team will listen carefully to customers' ideas, requirements, and needs to get general ideas of what customers want.
Analysis and Quotation
We conduct requirements analysis in coordination with customers and market research to know the standards and demands of the market. We also research our in-house capabilities to evaluate the feasibility of production and work out the materials, technologies, and overall costs of this project. After all these are done, we then feed back to customers with quotations as well as helpful advice.
Prototype Purchase and Trial
Instead of directly going into formal production, we will make pre-production samples first. We will inspect the sample carefully according to not only customers' requirements but also high industry standards. We can send prototypes to customers for further confirmation.
Before delivery, we will test and inspect the quality of the finished products again. Only those that are defect-free and compliant with the customers' requirements will be delivered. We have reliable logistics partners, ensuring safe and fast delivery.
Product & Clinical Training
After receiving the product or during the negotiation phase, we can provide you with a free product and clinical training to ensure that you can get started with our product in the shortest possible time.
Round-the-Clock After-sales and Maintenance Service Assurance
If there are any problems during the subsequent use process, you can always seek technical and service support from us. We will do our best to reduce communication difficulty, shorten docking time, and provide professional services to quickly solve your problems.


We truly love what we do and that reflects in the lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers. We have cooperated with 3000+ companies from more than 100 countries.

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Customer Cases


The Malaysian Distributor of MULA K2
A medical aesthetic equipment distributor in Malaysia (hereafter referred to as the distributor) purchased the MULA K2 series of medical aesthetic equipment to provide advanced skin treatment solutions to its clients. During the use of the equipment, the distributor encountered some technical issues that required factory repairs and training support.
The Malaysian Distributor of MULA K2
Joining Case of the Vietnamese Agent
The entire service process spanned one and a half months, from initial contact to on-site support. Throughout this period, we maintained a close collaborative relationship with the agent. We not only provided professional support and training but also established a deeper level of trust and collaboration, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.
Joining Case of the Vietnamese Agent

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As a customer-oriented company, we are committed to meet customers' needs and bring values to them through high-quality products and excellent service.


"Sincere cooperation, mutual benefit" is our company's development principles. A one-time deal is not what we want, we strive to build a long-term relationship through the one cooperation.


Thus, we always do our best to deliver the best to customers.

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